Ontario Election: R we making sense??

Ontario’s provincial election is coming up next Thursday, October 6th.

I’ve told a few people which candidate I’m voting for here in Durham Region, east of Toronto, where I now live. I’m not casting my vote where I’d expected to, & this is the result of having attended the all-candidates’ debate in Courtice on September 20th (many thanks to Libby R. for organizing this event!!).

It’s always important to check out your candidates, hmmm?

Here are some of the things I hear people saying that strike me as a little on the illogical side:

  • I vote Conservative/Liberal/whatever because my parents voted that way. So hey, people, is the world the same place it was when your parents were voting for this party? Did they take environmental & social justice issues into account? Have you learned a little about politics & political parties & the state of the world since your parents voted…whichever way it was they voted? (I sure hope so!!)

  • A woman really took me by surprise when she told me she will vote for our incumbent Conservative old-boy because he has always shown up for meetings in her small community in the 16 years he’s been the MPP (Member of Provincial Parliament). I’m happy he has been helpful, but he (& his party) are pro-nuclear energy & pro-incineration of household garbage. I’m pretty sure this person is personally opposed to these things, yet she will vote for a party she can absolutely count on to keep on doing the same old dumb (or even horrible) stuff. This just doesn’t make sense to me.

  • I hear over & over people saying the same old silly stuff about what Bob Rae did back in … when WAS that?? The early 90’s? As in, almost 20 years ago?? He did something they didn’t like when he was NDP Premier of Ontario, & by golly, they are still holding it against him! Doesn’t matter that the Liberals did stuff yesterday that they don’t like, & the Conservatives did all kinds of awful stuff when they were in power after the NDP & will do even more if elected. We are going to hold onto that ancient, illogical grudge against Bob Rae, & if that means biting off our own noses to spite our faces, well by golly, we’ll do it!!

  • One of my local small town papers has come out endorsing the Conservatives. I guess this should not surprise anyone. Most media outlets are owned by conservative, corporate agenda types. Who else would they endorse?? (See recent blog post called ‘Media Sleaze?’ to see some examples of how the corporate-driven media operate.)

Well, I guess I should not be surprised any more that much of what we human beings do & say is vastly illogical. After all, the inmates are running the asylum, & we elect them to do so. They say we get the government we deserve…but I’m pretty darn sure I deserve better. (You do too!!)


P.S. Lots of great democracy/election-related quotes here

P.P.S. Key favourite quote in my world: “The modern conservative…is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy. That is the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.” – John Kenneth Galbraith quoted in Blessed Unrest – How the Largest Movement in the World Came into Being & Why No One Saw it Coming, by Paul Hawken <Pg. 115>

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P.S. # 4: You gotta read what John Gofman says about how the world really works. He’s brilliant – & funny, to boot!! He’s quoted extensively here

P.S. # 5: The tune of the old Beatles song “All we are saying, is give peace a chance” is in my head today. What I am hearing, though, is “All we are saying, is give change a chance.”