Tar Sands Action: Words, Groups, YouTubes

This is my 4th post related to the tar sands protest held in Ottawa 2 days ago now, on Sept. 26th (previous posts are here, here & here)

Great 10-minute YouTube on it here - includes coverage of the civil disobedience training session & speeches & arrests on Parliament Hill. Really well done!!

Visit here also for lots of great tar sands issue coverage!

Key facts on the Keystone XL Pipeline here

As previously mentioned, there were 12 fantastically inspiring speakers at the Parliament Hill rally on Monday who used some memorable phrases. I’d also recorded some cool things at the non-violent civil disobedience training given the day before the action.

Here are some eminently quotable (reusable!) words / phrases / placard-type sayings:

  • Blinded & deafened by greed
  • Change won’t happen by writing policy reports
  • Community resistance is the cure!
  • Energy policy drives the government, not the other way around
  • House of Commons or House of Corporations?
  • House of Commons: no common sense there!
  • I didn’t mean to be brave, it just happened when I panicked – a quote from Piglet (in Winnie-the-Pooh)
  • If we don’t take care of the land, the land won’t take care of us
  • Psychotic energy policy
  • Separate oil & state
  • Silly adults – the future’s for kids!
  • Stelmach: the best premier oil money can buy(1)
  • Songs are medicine
  • What blooming idiot came up with the idea of 'ethical oil'?

Canadian groups working on the tar sands:

Tar sands viewing:


P.S. Did you know the Canadian government provides more than $1 billion a year to the oil industry? That would sure build a lot of solar panels & wind turbines, eh?? Imagine providing subsidies to an industry that is so utterly destructive. The mind boggles!

P.P.S. Did you know that when the oil industry visits Fort Chip, a town 100 km downstream from the tar sands, where the water has been fouled & people are sick, the oil bigshots bring their own water with them? Speaking of sleazy… They know damn well what they are doing, they don't care, & they're going to keep right on doing it. That is sleazy. & our government supports the oil industry in this. In nice little old Canada. I guess writer George Monbiot is right about us being a corrupt petrostate...

(1) Stelmach is premier of Alberta