Tar Sands Action: Informative, Fun, INSPIRING!

** Good article by Stephen Leahy entitled "Jail Before Climate-Wrecking Tar Sands, Canadians say" here

So, I took part in the Tar Sands Action in Ottawa yesterday (September 26th).

Great 10-minute YouTube on it here - includes coverage of the civil disobedience training session & speeches on Parliament Hill. Well done!!

So glad I took part!!

The Non-Violent Civil Disobedience (NVCD) training we received on Sunday was awesome! Well-organized & run, lots of great people involved (both trainers & participants), & super practical (we even got fed!!)

The action on Parliament Hill was fabulous.

First of all, a rousing rally of very inspiring speakers.

A number of native people from affected communities (& oh my, are they affected. Bad water, cancer clusters, young people dying of cancer; this is a huge tragedy & our First Nations people are right on the front lines) who spoke so eloquently & passionately, they brought tears to one’s eyes.

Actress/activist Tantoo Cardinal spoke so inspiringly of the traditional role & value of women in native culture that I had goose bumps. Wow…

Union reps, Council of Canadians, young Bridget who held up the STOP Harper sign in the Senate (speaking of feisty young people!!)

It was a most impressive line-up.

Then, a bunch of us climbed over the fence the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the federal police force in charge on Parliament Hill) had put up, knowing that a rally & civil disobedience were planned for the day.

In the end I think it was around 200 people who chose to go over the fence & be arrested in order to make a very loud statement to prime minister stephen harper(1) that he was not elected to turn the House of Commons into a House of Corporations (great phrase eh?? Not mine, I’m quoting) & that the horrific environmental & human health disaster that is the Alberta tar sands must be STOPPED.

Then we all sat on the lawn in the very hot sun & were passed water & fruit & granola bars by people standing on the other side of the fence (we’re such dangerous characters, we “protesters,” eh?), & chatted & got to know people we had not met before (there were people from all provinces across Canada & one or two – not sure how many – from the U.S.).

Eventually we were handcuffed & told we’d be charged with Obstruction, then were taken off to a tent that had been erected to process the arrestees, handed over to the Ottawa police, who wrote us out a ticket for having been “Engaged in Prohibited Activity in Premises” (I think that’s what the messy scrawl says).

We are being fined $68 (actually, I can’t read my ticket properly so am not 100% sure of the amount) & told we are to stay off the grounds of Parliament for a year.

What an odd thing to forbid us to do! It’s our Parliament – our House of Commons (isn’t it??) & now we are being told to stay away.

Well. Whatever. Harper & his minions of course don’t want people like me hanging around where he hangs out, I do get that…

I could say lots more (never at a loss for words, eh??) but I gotta get back home & back to work.

Just want y’all to know I couldn’t be more delighted to have taken part in this historic action, protesting the tar sands & being arrested in order to send a strong message to politicians (& everyone!).

I’m also proud of having sat in Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s office in November 2009 & being arrested there, & of having taken part in 2 protests against clear-cutting in old growth forest in Temagami (Ontario).

& just in case anyone who feels terribly “spiritual” wants to lecture me about being negative & what I resist persisting, please read the post here that explains why I view protesting as a celebration.

I celebrate the strong voices of citizens who know when we’ve had enough.

I celebrate the power of individuals coming together to act like members of a very large & very caring “tribe” (or beehive) who know if we don’t set aside our personal agendas & our personal fears & our personal greed, & begin to venture outside our personal comfort zones, we are doomed as a species (we may be doomed anyway! But taking action is far more empowering than pretending everything is OK & that all I really need to care about is me, me, me).

As my (now two-time fellow arrestee & grassroots climate crusader buddy) Sharon Howarth says, “Speaking up about something that matters is the best recreation ever.”


P.S. the posting here lists/links to several good videos/shows/YouTubes about the tar sands – the single most environmentally destructive project taking place here on Planet Earth today.

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‘Quote of the day’ with this post: “In the long run, the real choice is not jobs or environment – it’s both...or neither. What kind of jobs will be possible in a world of depleted resources, poisoned water and foul air, a world where ozone depletion and greenhouse warming make it difficult even to survive?” ~ United Steelworkers of America, 1993

(1) I don’t feel he deserves to have his name “capitalized” when he is such a woeful "leader" to Canadians & such an utter lackey of the global oil industry.