Are we having any fun yet??

Sheesh. Yikes, & sheesh.

Off the charts busy & even overwhelmed, spending time in very challenging times, it seems, & wanting to write about 25 things I can’t seem to find the time for, & last night I attended an all-candidates’ meeting at which the performances were quite underwhelming, to say the very least, & this morning I’m working on some stuff that is very hard to keep my head in, & hey! I work for myself, theoretically, & don’t get paid a cent for any of this crazy stuff I do (except for an occasional donation from a friend or other who sends me a buck or two sometimes; bless you!!!) & the phrase came into my mind, are we having any fun yet??

Of course, the answer is Yes! Yes, yes, yes.

As I said to some friends last night, via e-mail after that awful all-candidates’ meeting, doing worthwhile work is of course in & of itself rewarding, but the biggest bonus is hanging out with the coolest people.

Plato said, “Your wealth is where your friends are” & my old boyfriend used to marvel at my amazing friendships & I used to say “Yeah, I sure know how to pick my friends eh??”

So, onward ho during this oh-so-challenging time. Nuclear work, tar sands protest (yes – if you are not yet signed up, please go here & sign up!!), lots of writing projects & other projects I can’t seem to find the time to make happen.

But here’s the thing: I’ve figured out that, basically, I guess, I am a date planter. Sister Miriam MacGillis, a most amazing woman from Genesis Farm in the U.S. & a devotee of the ideas of Thomas Berry, once said on a tape I have of her speaking (the tape is from 1992, is called "The Fate of the Earth" & is awesome!!), that those who plant dates do not live to harvest them. Dates take decades & decades to bear fruit, & the people who planted them are by then long gone.

I hang out with date planters. How cool is that??


p.s. Sister Joan Chittister has said “If you are expecting to see the results of your work, you simply haven’t asked a big enough question.”

p.p.s. I read the novel So Long, See You Tomorrow (by William Maxwell) recently. Really enjoyed it. At one point the main character said "I understood not only how entirely generous they were but also that generosity might be the greatest pleasure there is." Ah, yes.......


‘Quote of the day' with this post: Thomas Berry on the environmental crisis: “It is something like being in a lifeboat. There may be problems of distribution of food, there may be people that need medical care, but if something happens to the boat, the boat has to be taken care of immediately or else everything else becomes irrelevant.”