Ontario Election: Tweedles (& Mice)

Quel busy Fall!?!?! I’m on overwhelm, pretty much – with activities I’d known were coming, plus several I had not. Bisy, bisy, bisy, as Winnie-the-Pooh would likely say.

Here in Ontario (Canada), it’s provincial election time. The election will be held on October 6th.

I’m an anti-nuker. My more spiritually … savvy??... friends tell me “What we resist, persists.” I’m not sure if they mean I should embrace nuclear energy, & then it will go away??? So I’ll turn it around & put it this way: I’m 100% FOR a nuclear-free Ontario (just as I used to be ...well ...still am, anti-pesticides & FOR a pesticide-free world).

There are 2 parties in our province that promise to take us in the nuclear-free direction: the Green Party & the NDP (New Democratic Party). So for me, the choice is vastly simplified.

I recently did 2 postings in which I quoted John Gofman extensively – they’re here & here. Gofman is brilliant about nukes, but he’s also spot on about how the world really works & the limitations of so-called democracy (please consider reading those 2 previous postings, so I don’t have to repeat myself here).

It was funny for me to read Gofman’s Tweedledum & Tweedledee thoughts about politicians, since I’d had some mildly amusing ones of my own during this past Spring's Darlington hearings.(Tweedle posting here )

Tweedledum & Tweedledee, hmmm? Not to mention Tweedledee’s cloned brother. Especially amusing in light of present-day municipal politics in Toronto! Cloned brother indeed…

Telling people how to vote is not very cool, so I won’t.

I’ll just caution readers (everywhere) to be very careful about not exchanging one untrustworthy crowd for another – even, perhaps, for an even more untrustworthy one.

Instead of Tweedledum & Tweedledee (&/or Tweedledum’s cloned brother), let’s be sure to vote for parties & candidates who really give a darn about people (all people, not just the ones who already have most of the power & all kinds of privileges) & the environment…shall we?


P.S. Next post: some good quotations to ponder during this (or any) election campaign.

P.P.S. Yikes! I almost forgot about the mice!! There is a must-see, very “political” YouTube about cats & mice here. Same general idea as Tweedledum & Tweedledee. It would only take you about 5 minutes to watch it. Please do!!!

P.P.P.S. (this P.S. is being reused - it was in the screwer/screwee post.) Only 2 political parties in Ontario are anti-nuclear: Greens & NDP. If we vote Liberal or Conservative, we are voting for more Tweedles … & more nukes. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! (visit the Ontario Clean Air Alliance Web site for good info about nukes & this election.)

‘Quote of the day’with this post: “Democracy is not something you believe in or a place to hang your hat, but it’s something you do. You participate. If you stop doing it, democracy crumbles.” – Abbie Hoffman