Did I Cause World War II??

<July 8/11>

(This title is just silly, OK?)

I was talking to a dear friend recently who was telling me about how her ex-husband blamed the breakdown of their marriage on … well, never mind, details not important, gotta protect identities here, OK?

What he had said was so ridiculous, I laughed right out loud. (This man’s haste to blame everything & everyone while stubbornly refusing to acknowledge his own role in it is… well… absurd!)

2 thoughts here, 1 silly, 1 serious:

  1. Considering what I’ve been blamed for, maybe I’m responsible for causing WWII!
  2. History sure does repeat itself! Not just on the global stage, on the very personal one as well. We replay & replay the dramas of our childhoods. Dad was distant? We find a series of men who are “emotionally unavailable.” Mom was cold? Ditto.

Have we not all been there???

I wrote about this once before, I know. The posting called ‘Cases of Mistaken Identity.’

Well. It’s enough to just about break a person’s heart, isn’t it?

All these broken relationships. All this heartbreak.


It’s a darn good thing I can never really stay “down” for very long! Between personal chaos/unhappiness & global meltdowns of all kinds, a person really could go crazy pretty readily!?!?


Quote of the day w. this post: “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” – William Faulkner