Lead Resolution: Canadian Nurses Association

At their recent Annual General Meeting, the Canadian Nurses Association passed several environmental resolutions.

You can find the resolution about The Prevention of Childhood Lead Poisoning in Canada Occurring from Exposure to Lead-based Paint and Other Domestic Sources of Lead here.

If you are like many people I encounter & understand very little about the lead issue, here are 2 things to know:

  1. You are not alone!
  2. There is plenty of information about lead on this blog. All the posts are listed & linked here. Plenty of useful resources included, from YouTubes to articles & good Web sites.

They say knowledge is power. They also say ignorance is bliss.

I say, what we don't know can very definitely hurt us!

The lead issue is not a pretty one. But it won't go away just because we pretend it isn't there.

When a conservative group such as a national nursing organization endorses a resolution on a health matter like this one, you know it's time to listen up!


P.S. Great quote about lead: “Lead moves us down the stupid scale and doesn’t let us come back.” - Stephen Collette, environmental building consultant & certified building biologist