Lead Poisoning Awareness Training (on-line)

** This is a news release printed verbatim.

"The LAMPP [Lead Action for Medicaid Primary Prevention] Project in partnership with the Healthy Environments for Children Initiative at UCONN is very pleased to announce the release of our new lead awareness training for educators, "Lead Poisoning: Limiting the Ability to 

This free training is now available on the LAMPP web site and we encourage anyone in education to take advantage of this excellent training.

The training has been designed to raise educators' awareness of lead poisoning and enhance their ability to respond to the needs of children harmed by lead. Please forward an invitation to participate to any educator or educator organization you know and simply have them follow this link to take part in the online training. It's free, informative and easy to follow.

There are separate modules for Classroom Educators, Administrators, and personnel from Health Services, Family Resource Centers, Pupil Support Services, Private Schools and Child Daycare Facilities so please do share this link with anyone who might benefit from learning about the signs of lead poisoning, why educators need to be concerned and methods to prevent childhood lead poisoning.

Chris Corcoran

CT Children's Medical Center, LAMPP Project

Project Coordinator

Connecticut Children's Medical Center
282 Washington St.
Hartford, CT  06106

Phone:  (860) 610-4242