Beyond Nuclear (surely it’s time??)

This blog post title has a dual purpose. I want to suggest that surely it’s time we human beings went beyond nuclear??

& it's the name of a (U.S.-based) group of that name that does tons of work on nuclear issues with tons of good info on its Web site, which I am delighted to promote.

In case you're not yet convinced it’s time to go beyond nuclear, check out the handy (downloadable) pamphlet 10 Reasons to Say No to Nuclear Power

Many other similarly awesome & useful downloadable pamphlets are found here

Nuclear Reactors - Additional Resources (& tons of ‘em! - including the Nuclear Awareness Project ‘Great Lakes Nuclear Hot Spots’ map & Dr. Gordon Edwards & Robert Del Tredichi’s ‘Nuclear Map of Canada’)


Also, plenty of info about Fukushima on the Beyond Nuclear site

AND, a must-see 3:27 minute video here

I’m sure there are many other excellent Web sites with a ton of good info about all topics nuclear.

2 others that spring immediately to mind are:

There is also a great weekly publication called No Nukes News (you can subscribe; go to the site & find out how)

And lots of very quotable quotes about nukes here


P.S. I’m a relative latecomer to the anti-nuclear scene. Always been anti-nuke, far as I can recall, but only in the past few years actually active on it. The recent Darlington hearings (which got underway a mere 10 days after the nuclear disaster began in Japan) convinced me that all the nuclear industry’s resources need to focus from here on in on proper storage & handling of the already-existing & still-to-be-created nuclear wastes that will remain deadly for hundreds of thousands of years, & on safe decommissioning of current nuclear facilities. This alone will challenge the nuke industry (& all of humanity) for all the rest of our days. My own presentation at the hearing is here

P.P.S. A selection of items on the topic of nukes & climate change here

P.P.P.S. Quote of the day w. this post: “We know we face extinction if nuclear war ever begins. But we face the same extinction even if the bombs never fall. The production alone of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons is initiating the death crisis of our species.” - Dr. Rosalie Bertell