Steam Generators: Update!

I haven’t been keeping the blog updated with all the steam generator news; my apologies! (Lots of postings on this topic here)

I think it was back in March that Bruce Power announced it was delaying their plans in order to consult with First Nations groups. Ah yes. Here is the Bruce Power news release about it.

This was a rather amusing claim for them to make, given their very cavalier attitude toward public consultation of ALL kinds as regards this project. (They had to be dragged kicking & screaming into doing any public consultation whatsoever. Their failure to consult with First Nations communities was particularly notable, although also notable was the complete failure to consult with anyone in the province of Quebec – communities, mayors, First Nations or even the entire provincial government!? Of course Ontarians were also similarly ignored, as far as that goes.)

So. I’ve had a good chuckle over their claim that they want to consult with First Nations & Métis groups. A person a little less polite than I might call this nonsense (or use an even less polite word!).


So now, they have withdrawn their application for a permit to the U.S. Department of Transportation. They need this permit since the ship they hope to send with the radioactive steam generators would pass through American territory on its route.

Not sure why it took them quite so many weeks after their decision to do more consultation to withdraw this application. Almost 2 months, by my count.

Frankly, it all smells pretty fishy to me.

But at least the shipment project seems to have lost a little bit of steam.

Heh heh.

(You can go here to see a recent news item about the latest development in this steam generator saga. Here is Bruce Power’s brief statement about it.)

Wish I could believe that this is the end of the road for this horrendously stupid idea. Alas, I fear it is not…


P.S. A day after I posted this, I received an email message that told me what's REALLY keeping Bruce Power from proceeding full steam ahead (as you might say) on their plans. It's POLITICS. (I should have known!!) Ontario is only months away from holding a provincial election. It looks very much as though our governing Liberal party (remember: this is Ontario provinical politics I am now talking about) has told Bruce Power to cool their jets on it for the time being. No doubt the governing Liberals (the ones who have promised to spend $36 billion on new nukes) don't wish to have the proposed steam generator shipment become an election issue. I knew the explanation given publicly by Bruce Power smelled awfully fishy!!