Fukushima – Prevent the Next One!

Greenpeace International is asking all human beings who want to help prevent another major nuclear disaster to take action now.

The campaign information about it can be found here

Simple enough to send a letter, hmmm?

Please do!!

& then help out more by spreading the word…okay?


P.S. There are 2 sections on this blog that pertain to nuclear issues. Proposed steam generator shipments from Canada to Sweden. Go here to find a list of postings. And here for postings about the recent Darlington hearings into the possible construction of 4 more reactors at Darlington, on the shores of Lake Ontario (& not very far from Toronto – Canada’s largest city).

But not until after you’ve signed the petition, please!!

P.P.S. An often-visited section of this blog is the ‘Quotation Central one. There is a collection of nuclear-related quotations here.

P.P.P.S. Here is the quotation I was searching for, to use today, but couldn't find when I wanted it. But I love that Einstein one about evil... This one is a gem too.


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