Funny Stuff – online

As indicated here, in the post before this one, I’m determined to share some laughs on this blog, since I'm often far too serious. (Just ask my kids!!) Also, lately, I think many of us have low spirits, & low spirits are a bummer, even when they are more or less well-earned.

You know what they say about laughter & the best medicine!

So. Here's a short list with some good laughs if you follow the links. I’ll add to it when I get new stuff. I’ll post some funny jokes & names of funny books & movies, too.



I’ve recently watched the Naked Gun movies – 3 of them. They’re a hoot!!! I loved the 2 ½ one, made in 1991, & with some great gags on environmental matters. Especially on the energy front! Can’t believe they so clearly understood & articulated so much about the corruption at the heart of the American energy scene way back when! I laughed lots….


P.S. I almost forgot to thank the several friends who have provided the funny stuff!! I sent out a request for some funny items, & several friends came through. Thanks, dudes/dudettes! Please send more!!

P.P.S. In the funny movie dept., I know I used to love, love, love Monty Python films. I think it's about time to watch some of them again! If you don't know them, Google 'em. &/or Google Fawlty Towers. Hilarious skits!!