Earth Day 2011- Happy (B)Earth Day!!

I'm a long time reuser & recycler - & since my mind has been otherwise occupied lately & I didn't write up anything new for Earth Day this year, I'm going to give links to a few items I wrote for Earth Day 2009. There is nothing in them that is obsolete, I think. For sure, I no longer live in Deep River, but I'm betting the library there still has all those neat books I recommended in my column for the local paper.

For sure too, there is a good (if not complete) list of good & inspiring things you can watch here.


Another Earth Day comes, & goes. If only, if only, if only! we humans would behave as though every day was Earth Day, hmmm?

Happy (B)Earth Day, whichever way you slice it, & wherever you are!

Here are the items I mentioned:

Earth Day 2009

Earth Day - Happy (B)Earth Day!

Earth Day 2009 - A Photo Essay


P.S. '12 Things YOU Can Do' was not written for Earth Day (can't remember now when I wrote it!?), but it too has some good tips & links. '15 Tips for environmentally friendly & frugal family life' is an oldie - written way back when I still had fond hopes of actually making a bit of $$$ with my writing. The tips are still applicable!!

P.P.S. Hey! Take 15 minutes & allow yourself to be inspired by Activist Extraordinaire Bill McKibben. It's a speech he gave in Washington. SO worth your time!!!

'Quote of the day' with this post: “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” ~ Dr. Seuss in The Lorax