My Day in short phrases

  • Walking: Magical!
  • Fresh Air: Magical!
  • Friends/Friendship: Magical!
  • I LOVE cafés with wireless Internet!
  • People are the best!
  • GOD I love the CBC(1) (esp. ‘Tapestry’ & ‘Writers & Co.’ on Sunday afternoons)
  • Death to boredom!
  • Freedom is not what we think…
  • Stepping in the same river twice. (Can I??)
  • Adaptability/flexibility will take us EVERYwhere
  • I don’t EVER want to be an old fart!


(1) For non-Canadians: CBC stands for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, our national treasure of a public broadcaster. Millions of us can’t even imagine life without CBC radio. For sure, I can’t! Hence, I donate a small amount monthly to the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, a group that works to defend public broadcasting. Our current federal government is hacking the CBC to bits. We have to stop this! Both the hacking & the darn right-wing government!?!