Follow That Canoe!

<June 2008>

This is about a funny little incident that happened to me the other day. Not funny ha-ha, funny/odd. Ironic…

Last year, on my way to the Paddlequest fundraising event in Petawawa, I wasn’t quite sure where I was going, as the directions I’d been given were missing a detail or two. It all turned out just fine, in the end – I saw a vehicle ahead of me that had a canoe on top, & I thought “Aha – those people are headed where I’m headed; I shall follow!” And I did, & they were…

This year, I was heading to the event from within Petawawa, & wasn’t quite sure which would be the fastest way from Point A to Point B. Once again, I spotted a vehicle with a canoe on top, & I thought again, “Follow that canoe!”

Oops! This time, the person in the vehicle ahead of me was clearly suffering from the same lack of knowledge I was, so the two of us went off on a bit of a wild goose chase. We got ourselves un-lost pretty quickly, though, & before you could say “Jack Robinson,” there we all were, down on the waterfront, exactly where we needed to be.

This little story strikes me as a pretty good metaphor for most of our lives.

Sometimes we’re following someone who knows the way, & who can help us. Sometimes we follow someone who’s just as lost as we are.

Sometimes, we’re leading, & we know what we’re doing. Sometimes, we’re leading & we haven’t got a freakin’ clue.

Either way, we can trust in…whatever we do trust in (ourselves, Mother Earth, God, the Universe, the Great Spirit, whatever & whomever!), & we wind up exactly where we need to be.

Not much point in getting into a great big hairy sweat about it either way, hmmm?