Nukes: Climate Solution?? Not…

** More recent, more thorough collection about nukes & climate change here. I am going to refrain from going into my own little song & dance routine on this issue. No need for me to!

I personally believe (way down in my guts) that nuclear energy is actually immoral(1). So how could I suggest that an immoral practice be continued?? It wouldn’t make sense. It would be…immoral!!

There are, however, some (otherwise) pretty intelligent people who appear to not be using their heads on this issue. I won’t go into that either. Again, no need.

What I am providing in this post is simply a # of links that readers can go to & read for themselves why the use of nuclear energy (whether or not you agree that it’s immoral) is not a viable “solution” to climate change.

Read/watch away!!

Mark Jacobson on nuclear power's high carbon footprint: 2 1/2 minute video

Orion article by Rebecca Solnit "Reasons Not to Glow - On not jumping out of the frying pan into the eternal fires"

Honey, I Shrunk the Renaissance: Nuclear Revival, Climate Change, and Reality by Peter Bradford, a former Commissioner of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, btw…

Nuclear Nonsense: Why Nuclear Power is No Answer to Climate Change and the World's Post-Kyoto Energy Challenges

Scientific American - "Nuclear Power Cannot Solve Climate Change"

Hermann Scheer - "Nuclear Energy:  The answer to Climate Change or a recipe for weapons proliferation?"

Nuclear Life-Cycle – A cycle in trouble (From this link, access/download a longer report called ‘The Lean Guide to Nuclear Energy’)

Why Nuclear Power Can't Solve the C02 Problem - "Greenhouse Warming: comparative analysis of nuclear and energy efficiency abatement strategies."

Nuclear Power Does Not Have the Answers We Need, Scott Ludlam

Greenpeace - "Nuclear Energy - no solution to climate change."

Nuclear Power Explained: Climate of Hope: 3-part YouTube on the whole nuke story, including why nukes are not a solution to climate change (3 9-minute segments; very worth seeing!!)

'Nuclear Waste Out of Control - Debunking the Nuclear Renaissance' - 32 minute film (covers supposed climate solution aspect).

Trapping Carbon Dioxide or Switching to Nuclear Power Not Enough to Solve Global Warming Problem, Experts Say


P.S. Please by all means check out the ‘Nuke Quotes’ section of the blog! Some major goodies there…

'Quote of the day' with this post: "On top of the perennial challenges of global poverty and injustice, the two biggest threats facing human civilization in the 21st century are climate change and nuclear war. It would be absurd to respond to one by increasing the risks of the other.” - Dr Mark Diesendorf, author of Greenhouse Solutions with Sustainable Energy

(1) Creating wastes that will remain toxic & dangerous to all living creatures for thousands & 100s of thousands of years – down through many, many, many generations: how can this be anything other than immoral? I mean, really… Give your head a shake, people…