Speaking of Joanna Macy...

who is, btw, one of the really BIG thinkers of our time... She will be in Ontario in June. I am pasting in below some info about her gigs.

I've already bought my ticket to see her at OISE in Toronto on June 18th. Wouldn't miss this opportunity for the world!

If you're a Toronto person (or live somewhere in the Greater Toronto Area) and you don't go, I'll think you're just plain nuts! Please go. We need to hear this woman's wisdom; trust me on that!!

Below info is from an e-mail I received, informing me of Joanna's visit:

"Taking Heart in Tough Times - A public talk by Joanna Macy

“Economic contraction, climate change, peak oil, social unrest...  There is no doubt about it—these are challenging and uncertain times.  In this interactive talk eco-philosopher Joanna Macy points the way out of despair, helplessness, or denial, and into vision, creativity and empowered action. 

You will come away with a sense of the bigger picture, a context for hope, and inspiration for navigating the challenges ahead.

“The most remarkable feature of this historical moment is not that we are on the way to destroying our world - we’ve actually been on the way for quite a while. It is that we are starting to wake up, as from a millennia-long sleep, to a whole new relationship to our world, ourselves, and each other.” ­ Joanna Macy

Author, activist and eco-philosopher Joanna Macy is one of the great evolutionary leaders of our time. A respected scholar of general systems theory, deep ecology, and Buddhism, she is also a leading voice in movements for peace, justice, and environmental integrity. She has created a ground-breaking theoretical framework for personal and social change, as well as a powerful workshop methodology for its application.  To learn more about her work, see www.joannamacy.net.

Opening Ceremony with Six Nations healer and leader Diane Longboat.

Thursday, June 18, 2009  7:00 pm ­ 9:00 pm -- OISE Auditorium, 252 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Admission: $25, $15 for students and seniors. Tickets available online here

Other events with Joanna Macy near Toronto:

Public Lecture June 19 7:30-9:30 pm in Guelph

The Essential Adventure of Our Time: The Great Turning Intensive June 20-24 in Guelph

The Work that Reconnects

See www.sacredwisdomcentre.com for details.”

“The heart that breaks open can contain the whole universe.” – Joanna Macy