Christmas: Book, Music, Film, & Magazine Tips!!

I am a serious book addict – & make no apologies about this. I’d venture to say the world might be more than just a little better off if lotsa folks would sit down more often with a good book & spend a whole lot less time in front of the tube (which my father used to call the “idiot box”).

Under the 'Recommended' tab on this blog are a couple lists of books that I recommend very highly – ‘Books That Could Change Your Life!’ & ‘Books That Could Change the World!’

I just want to very quickly name one super-special, off-the-charts fantastic & utterly timely book, plus one film & one CD & one magazine - any one of which would be a great thing to spend a little of your Christmas cash on. Buy ‘em for yourself, buy ‘em as gifts & share ‘em around…whatever!!

  1. Eaarth – Making a Life on a Tough New Planet – by Bill McKibben. Absolutely essential reading for women, men, children, & human beings of any & all persuasions – but only if you/they give a darn about the fate of this Earth (& our own fate) in the days to come! Read it, gift it, donate a copy to your local library, & maybe give one to a politician you trust (is that an oxymoron??? Not quite, I hope…)
  2. The Louise Hay DVD ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ is a very special one that I have plugged before. I gave copies as Christmas presents one year (& donated a copy to the local library, too). The film is a really fine, healing treasure.
  3. Last year around this time I put in a plug for the CD ‘Amchitka’ that raises funds for Greenpeace. Crazily enough, I still don’t own a copy myself – but I sure do recommend it to anyone & everyone out there! Fabulous music, fantastic group to support.
  4. Tikkun Magazine – a publication of the Network of Spiritual Progressives – is intelligent, thoughtful, insightful, & get-you-off-your-chair inspirational. (The word “tikkun,” btw, means to mend, repair & transform the world.) I wish everyone in the world would join & support the NSP & learn about the group’s ESRA – Environmental & Social Responsibility Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, & also their Global Marshall Plan. Check them out at the NSP Web site. (& btw, donating a subscription to a really great magazine to a local library is something I’ve done now in 2 small towns. The library is always very grateful!!)


P.S. on Dec 27th: Another must-read book alert!!! Disconnect, by Devra Davis. "The truth about cell phone radiation, what the industry has done to hide it, and how to protect your family." Thanks to a gift certificate from my buddy Roof - I mean Ruth - I just bought this book yesterday. Yikes!!!!!!!!!! Please please please read it - & spread the word!! (only if U care about your own & your family's health, of course...) YouTube here. Book review here

P.P.S. It is almost painful for me not to also reference Eckhart Tolle & Pema Chödrön & Byron Katie & Joanna Macy & Elizabeth Lesser – whose books & wisdom mean such a great deal to me. & Anne Tyler & Barbara Kingsolver & Kurt Vonnegut (whose books & wisdom I also value greatly) & Alice Miller & Christiane Northrup & her buddy Mona Lisa Schulz – whose books inform & inspire me greatly. & Anne Lamott & Rachel Naomi Remen &, oh dear me….writers far too numerous to list!? (Margaret Atwood & Margaret Drabble also among them….) Do, do, do check out my recommended reading lists at the links provided above!!! (please note that these focus on non-fiction gems. My list of favoured fiction writers is a little too vast to attempt to wrestle with!?!?!?)