15 Things I’d Do (if I had a little more time…)

I drafted this funny (as in odd) little list in August 2009, at which time I had sold my house & was getting ready to  move. The first 2 items are now sort of obsolete - but I did indeed help w. them. The rest of the list seems to me now as relevant as it was in August '09 - so here it rather belatedly is! 1. Promote like crazy the 350.org movement & the global day of action on climate change this group has spearheaded. Organize a busload of people to go to Ottawa (Ontario, Canada - our capital city) to 'Fill the Hill' and show our politicians & fellow Canadians we DO care about climate change and want action - NOW. (Actually, I am doing this. So...yay!!) Tons has happened since Oct. 24/09. Check out www.350.org for what's up now!!

2. Promote the Canadian tour of long-time anti-nuclear activist Helen Caldicott to Toronto, Peterborough, Kingston & London. I'm going to do a separate post about her itinerary. [Of course Helen Caldicott was very recently in Port Hope & Oshawa, Ontario, for a barn-burner of a talk to members of the Port Hope & area public about the very appalling situation created there by Eldorado & Cameco.]

3. Promote the Syracuse Cultural Workers & their wonderful work/catalogue/projects. Check them out here & ask to have one of their catalogues sent to you. The stuff they do - & sell - is awesome!!! (1)

4. Contact Sarah Ban Breathnach - author of the book Simple Abundance - & get permission to make buttons of her quotation "We are not meant to fit in; we are meant to stand out." I've wanted to do this for years!! (I picture black lettering on a pink background...)

5. Get the Syracuse Cultural Workers to make up & sell the buttons.

6. Promote sustainable living in every possible way. Off-grid living. Solar power. Wind power. Better public transportation. Local food. Community gardening. Communal, cooperative living.

7. Help children learn to be:

    • Resourceful
    • Resilient
    • Capable
    • Strong
    • Useful
    • Cooperative
    • Compassionate
    • Unselfish
    • Unafraid to use their own voices
    • Activists
    • Lovers of the Earth / Nature
    • Independent/critical thinkers
    • Lovers of books, reading & learning
    • Leaders, not followers.

Encourage them to NOT:

    • Watch television much at all
    • Pay any attention whatsoever to ads in movies & on TV
    • Immerse themselves in violent games, movies, video games, etc.
    • Be obsessed with "looking good"
    • Be "spoiled brats."

8. Encourage all adults to:

    • Grow up!
    • Parent well
    • Get counselling/professional help, if need be, in order to help with the 2 previous items
    • Be critical thinkers
    • Read good books & become better informed
    • Realize that all the best & most important things in life are not things...
    • Love the Earth / Nature
    • Be leaders
    • Take action
    • Turn off the TV
    • Think "outside the box"
    • Walk daily
    • Sing daily
    • Think long-term but Be. Here. Now.

Encourage them to NOT:

    • Count on things continuing to "be the way they've always been" (2)
    • Spend much time watching television
    • Fear change
    • Fear death - but instead, learn to live fully now.

9. Figure out how to distill my (usually) cheerful spirit & faith & willingness to act & somehow distribute it to everyone - or wave a magic wand - so that everyone would begin to care (& act) passionately about looking after the Earth (& each other!) properly...

10. Teach everyone to have faith in abundance, & to abandon fear-based thinking & our all-too-characteristic "poverty mentality."

11. Publish the books I've written.

12. Encourage EVERYONE to turn off the TV, read more, 'get back on their feet,' & do things every single day to help the Earth/fellow human beings.

13. Clean up all the lakes & rivers & streams & oceans - & the air - zap all the toxic waste & garbage & nuclear waste & just give the Earth - & the human spirit - a very, very thorough house-cleaning.

14. Encourage everyone to consider a little "civil disobedience" once in a while. As I once heard someone say, if you saw a child about to be hit by a car, you wouldn't spend any time thinking about how to react in a "rational" fashion. The adrenaline would start pumping & you would leap to action. I'd say - given the state of our world - we all need to leap to action - now!!

15. Encourage everyone to have fun - to laugh & sing & be good to & appreciate the people in y/our lives every day. To celebrate Life - & the grand experience of being alive here on beautiful Planet Earth. Life is not meant to be a funeral dirge, nor to have us chained miserably to a mostly meaningless 9 - 5 Monday to Friday grind. It's supposed to be a celebration!! So say some very, very bright dudes whose books I've read (Matthew Fox & Thomas Berry). I'm convinced they're right!


P.S. My sincere apologies for the dog's breakfast (as they say) of this post's formatting. It's the nastiest post I've ever put "up"! Nasty, nasty, nasty, & for the life of me, though I have tried & tried, I have not been able to format it as I'd like. Sometimes life's just like that, isn't it???

(1)    Great T-shirts, postcards, buttons, calendars, books, bookmarks, posters, bumper stickers with cool messages, & probably other neat stuff I'm forgetting to mention.

(2) 'cos they're not going to be!