Do You Sing Because You’re Happy…

or are you happy because you sing?

I’ve always loved singing; can’t remember a time when I didn’t (well, I don’t really remember singing as a child, but I do recall being in a church choir, so obviously I did!). It wasn’t a classic happy wonderful home I grew up in (could have been a very great deal worse, too; yes, definitely!) – but since my father loved to sing and to play the piano and play records of classical music, there was a lot of music (thank goodness!!)

So I guess I’ve always known that music and singing make me feel good.

I remember seeing that saying “Do you sing because you’re happy, or are you happy because you sing?” somewhere, many years ago. It has really stayed in my mind.

I’m sure there’s a fancy term for an expression like that…but durned if I know what it is. And it doesn’t matter.

Just know this: if you’re unhappy, you likely won’t be for long, once you start singing.

You don’t have to have a “good” voice – the quality of your voice matters exactly diddly-squat at all.

Sing when you’re all by yourself, if that’s what suits you best, and if you’re concerned about the sound of your voice.

Crank on some tunes (preferably something that’s good and “singy”) and go for it!

Belt it out!

I challenge you to go on feeling grumpy, disgruntled, resentful and …emotionally bunged up – while singing.

I mean this! Singing regularly, all on its own, can very likely change your life.

What have you got to lose?