Bring on the Apocalypse

Bring on the Apocalypse – Essays on Self-Destruction is (as far as I know…) George Monbiot’s latest book (Anchor Canada, 2008). I just picked it up at the library on my morning walk. The librarian had told me about it last week, when I was in there suggesting he buy copies of Depletion and Abundance – Life on the New Home Front or, One Woman’s Solutions to Finding Abundance for Your Family while Coming to Terms with Peak Oil, Climate Change and Hard Times, by Sharon Astyk, New Society Publishers, 2008 and The Daily Planet Book of Cool Ideas – Global Warming and What People Are Doing About It (Jay Ingram, Penguin Canada, 2008).

So that’s the kind of life I lead. Small town, librarian tells me about neat books and I tell him about neat books & magazines, while everyone thinks I’m the weirdo for my endless activism, writing and reading…

Go figure, eh?

Well, I’ll read Monbiot’s book – he’s a fantastic writer and sharp as heck. I’m working on a column for my local paper that I should have written two years ago about something he said in his previous book Heat – How to Stop the Planet from Burning (Doubleday, 2006) and what Sharon Astyk said and did in response to it (“rioting for austerity”) – just give me a week or two and I’ll post my column on that…

Meanwhile, on my walk I was definitively NOT thinking about “the apocalypse.” I was enjoying the stunning beauty of the Ottawa River, chatting with Bob the ski hill dude, and realizing I have forgotten to thank my blog helper on this site for his incredible work!! (I have since amended that...)

And yes, the apocalypse sometimes does seem very much as though it is sniffing right at our very heels, I will grant you.

Meanwhile, I’m doing my best to make every day full, meaningful, joyful and sprinkled liberally with gratitude.


P.S. See “What a Mess! It’s Great to be Alive!” for my take on enjoying life in the midst of utter insanity.