Eva’s Poem: Kids 'R Smart

It’s a very long time ago now I got that kids are really smart. This was when my own two were very young still. They often said surprisingly insightful things for beings so supposedly “un-schooled” & unsophisticated.

They’re still at it! Young kids are still smart as heck!

My friend sent me the poem below the other night. Her 11-year old daughter, who’d been given a poetry assignment at school, had quietly gone to her room & written the poem without any advice or assistance.

Here goes…

Nature’s Really There, by Eva

Think, think, and don’t do anything

Why, why, why and never try

Take a walk in the woods

Enjoy some nature

Throw your trash on the ground

Destroy what you enjoyed

Why, why, why and never try

You love the animals, you walk in nature

Just to shoot nature’s beauty down.

Build, build on earth’s beauty

Think about it - make yourself forget

Think, think and don’t do anything

Driving cars past suns

moon, trees and rocks

Think harder - do something to help

Eva – you made my day! Just like you once did when you were 6, & you told me I make good snow people. (I’d always thought my snow people were lame as heck – but your saying that made me feel good, & for sure you made my day – or maybe even my week!)

Bless you, & bless all children, everywhere…


P.S. And please, adults – can we get with the program already???

‘Quote for the Day’ w. this post: “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors. We borrow it from our children.” – Ancient Kenyan Proverb