Hope / Action, Take II

A year or so ago, I posted an essay called 'Hope...or Action?' My goodness, but a lot has happened since then!? Hooey... Yesterday I ran across & re-read the brilliant Derrick Jensen article "Beyond Hope." So worth reading. It's on-line here

I continue to focus on action, rather than hope - for the very reasons outlined by Derrick Jensen in his article.

Hope doesn't really have any legs. It's kind of empty, & it doesn't take you very far. Instead, it allows you to be more than just a little bit on the lazy side, doesn't it? Sittin' around hopin' things'll get better. Fiddling while Rome burns, more or less, eh?

Action is about getting off your butt.

George Monbiot just had a fabulous get-you-off-your-butt item called "The Values of Everything" published in the Guardian. It's here

Monbiot explains how different orientations & values (intrinsic vs. extrinsic) lead people to either favour governments & policies on the compassionate & generous side - or to the politics of fear & selfishness & divisiveness. Those of us who are activists know that the politics of fear, selfishness & divisiveness are not leading us down a very pretty road. No siree, indeed they are not...

Please read the Monbiot piece!!

(& then, get off your butt .....)


p.s. Please don't think I'm guilty of expecting anyone to do things I'm not prepared to do myself! I've been off my butt quite a bit this past year. Got arrested in a climate change sit-in, went to G20 events in Toronto, attended a couple fabulous conferences (see posts on NSP & Does Anyone Care if Bangladesh Drowns?) & intervened at 2 Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) hearings ('Speaking Truth to Power' & 'SG / CNSC Hearing: more things to know').  I'm not bragging - I wish I could do more!! We all need to do plenty... (and Hey! I'm an almost-60-year old geezer - not some trouble-making youngster who "doesn't know any better." I know enough to know that things need to change!! And WE do the changing - there is no magic wizard, or wand... Martin Luther King Jr. said, "Change is never inevitable, change is always carried in on the shoulders of those who bring change with them.")

p.p.s. Speaking of great quotations, scroll through the selections under the 'Quotation Central!' tab (up at the top of the blog). These ought to help get you moving!!

p.p.p.s. I forgot to mention something really important. Doing all that stuff I mentioned? It's fun!!!!! And I met (& continue to meet) the most awesome people & made (& continue to make) a whole bunch of new friends... As Kurt Vonnegut would say, "If that isn't nice, I don't know what is."

p.s. # 4: 'Quote of the day' with this post: "Speaking up about something that matters is the best recreation ever.” – Sharon Howarth, grassroots climate crusader