Speaking of Gratitude…

<March 2009>

I think there are some folks among us who find experiencing gratitude somehow just too challenging. It’s maybe a little as though some of us have a great big ROCK sitting on our chest that keeps us from being able to feel (& express) gratitude for things.

I spoke to someone once who said she thinks some people find it impossible to sing (another of life’s major joy-enhancing activities) because they have something kind of pressing on their diaphragm.

This is another one of those chicken & egg scenarios that life seems to be filled with. With the rock on your chest, how can you sing? (or be filled with gratitude?). But the singing (& the gratitude) will make the rock go away. So then you can sing (& be grateful) some more. And so on & so on.

Somehow, you have to break that logjam.

Start small, maybe?

I think an awful lot of us are pretty darn mingy with our words of praise & our thank-you’s. I am sometimes, too. Sometimes I just plain forget to say “Thanks!”

I do have one that I plain forgot to say in ‘About Me & This Blog,’ so I’m going to do it here, belatedly, now.

A number of people have complimented me on the ‘Janetsplanet’ name for this blog site. I didn’t come up with the idea myself – Phil did. So I ought to have acknowledged that. Thanks, Phil! It was/is a really great idea.

Another thing I’m grateful for in an ongoing way is the book Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much, by Anne Wilson Schaef. My daughter Jen gave me this one quite a few years ago now, & I didn’t really appreciate it immediately. But for the past couple of years it’s been a real treasure that I enjoy & dip into pretty much daily. There’s a short entry for each day of the year, along with a good quotation.

Funnily enough, this morning’s entry (well, the one for March 24th), is about gratitude.

Ms. Schaef says quite brilliantly in a short paragraph what I tend to go on too long about.

She & I both clearly understand the supreme importance of being grateful – & she is so articulate about it (& about many other important things) that I can’t recommend her book highly enough.

So. For my part, thanks to Phil, & thanks to Jen, & thanks to Anne Wilson Schaef.

And thanks to the Universe!!


P.S. Along with being mingy with our thanks, some of us are pretty mingy with our “I love you’s.” In the novel The Book of Ruth, author Jane Hamilton has her character Ruth say, “I imagine there’s probably so much quiet where you are when you’re cold and dead, you might as well say how crazy you are about people while you have a mouth and teeth and tongue.” I think she’s probably onto something there…