NSP: ESRA, the Global Marshall Plan & Tikkun

The Network of Spiritual Progressives is a very fine conglomeration of U.S.-based progressive thinkers whose Washington conference I attended a few months ago (June 2010). Totally awesome conference, speakers, & experience. Totally glad I went!!

Along with my conference fee, I’ve been given a one-year subscription to the NSP’s fantastic magazine, Tikkun.

(Tikkun, btw, pronounced tee-kun, means to mend, repair & transform the world.)

More cool stuff about NSP than I really have time to articulate right now, since I’m mostly focused on something else entirely.

But wanted you to know a few things about NSP & Tikkun:

You definitely want to check out the Network of Spiritual Progressives & Tikkun magazine; trust me!!