<drafted July 13th>

Do you have a “sweet tooth?”

I certainly do.

Sugar is one of my downfalls in this life. If it’s got sugar in it, count on me to like it…altogether too much. Cookies – cake – pie – fudge; you name it! Even my fondness for beer may have more to do with sugar than with the little buzz I get from it. For sure, I seldom drink more than two, & getting drunk is not my cup of tea at all.

It’s occurred to me recently that one of the reasons people find some of the things I say a little hard to hear is that maybe I don’t use quite enough candy-coating.

Not only do I “call” those “elephants in the room” we’re all stepping around so carefully, pretending they’re not there, I’m not using quite enough candy-coating to make them palatable when I do call them.

Here’s a thought I had recently that’s really un-palatable: We (in the so-called “developed” world) sold our souls to the devil (for a mess of potage??) so long ago now we don’t even remember it. We wanted (& still want) our predictability, our creature comforts, our “security,” our houses & cars & boats & cottages & vacations – our “control” (only the illusion of control of course, but we sure are addicted to that illusion!!) – & we got on board with the control monster so long ago now (10,000 years is the best guess of those more in the know), it doesn’t even feel like a decision anymore that we’re still making every day of the week when we mount up & go ‘round & ‘round on that busy 9 – 5, Monday-Friday treadmill, chasing our … “security.”

Things are very circular here, though, on Planet Earth. Things have a way of coming around “full circle,” & I’d say they seem to be headed very much in that direction.

To a time when family values (not George Bush-style “family values,” mind you) are recognized & valued for their truth worth – when “old-fashioned” values like sharing & courage & resilience & resourcefulness & trustworthiness & cooperation will stand us in greater stead than superficial notions & neuroses about wealth & celebrity status – which will finally, perhaps, be seen for their shallow only-skin-deepness.

Might not be too pretty!!

Not gonna candy-coat it for you. The elephant in the room is the truth that we’ve been busy consuming this Earth & spitting it back out as waste & pollution for so long now, our “nest” is almost completely fouled. Our governments (in North America, at any rate) are heading in pretty goshdarn scary directions too (see the G20-related posts on the blog for more on that score. Most recent is here; check the alphabetical Index up at the top for several more!).

I still work hard to “keep the faith.” I keep writing – being an activist & a Mom – &, frankly, having a pretty fine time in this life! Often, I suspect, actually maybe a more satisfying life without all those elephants than all the people who are so busy covering up their eyes & ears in … denial? Avoidance? Fear??

But sometimes – not gonna lie to you – I wish we’d all lose our addiction to all that candy-coating.

It's not just our teeth it’s bad for, I’m afraid…


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