U.S. Health Care: situation, not system

On Sunday, June 13th, I did something very fun.

Along with a whole bunch of other folks concerned about the state of life in the U.S.A. (& the rest of the world) - all of us attendees at the Washington, D.C. conference of the Network of Spiritual Progressives - I took part in a rally at the White House.

Our purpose? To tell President Obama that millions of people in the U.S. want him to "be the Obama we voted for.”

There were several fiery & inspiring speakers, & the event was great.

Dr. Margaret Flowers – a Maryland pediatrician who is currently the Congressional Fellow of Physicians for a National Health Program – articulated a passionate plea for a single-payer health care system.

Dr. Flowers described the current health care scene as a situation – not a system.

She said the recent so-called health care debate was no debate at all, but a sham that was all scripted out ahead of time.

(This is a good spot for me to admit to a considerable lack of knowledge about the American health care scene; I’m Canadian, remember?)

What the members of the social justice movement are saying about the health care…situation is that what this new scheme is calculated to do is enrich the very people who were part of the problem in the first place (the insurance companies, hmmm?)

I understand there is a powerful YouTube of Dr. Flowers discussing the health care scene in the U.S., although I haven’t yet seen it myself.

Check it out!

Then, if you are an American citizen, join the movement to create a REAL health care system.

Dr. Flowers says it needs to be ICU – independent, clear & uncompromising. She is so passionate about this, as a mother with young children, that she has been arrested as a result of her activism.

Thank you, Dr. Flowers!!


P.S. Dr. Flowers has an article in the May/June 2010 issue of Tikkun Magazine. Her article is about this very topic, & since the magazine is a good one, why not check it out? (Tikkun, pronounced tea-kün, more or less, means to mend, repair and transform the world.)