Declaration of Independence: July 4/2010

At the recent Network of Spiritual Progressives conference in Washington, D.C., Rabbi Arthur Waskow spoke eloquently of the need for a brand-new Declaration of Independence.

Rabbi Waskow founded & directs The Shalom Center in Philadelphia, Pa. The Shalom Center is “a prophetic voice in Jewish, multireligious and American life that brings Jewish and other spiritual thought and practice to bear on seeking peace, pursuing justice, healing the earth and celebrating community.”

Rabbi Waskow is a fiery orator. His organization has developed a “Climate Policy: 7 Principles for Jewish & Interfaith Action.”

He proposes a new Declaration of Independence – this new one to obtain our freedom from the corporate domination that is squeezing the life out of all of us.

He also proposes “a nation-wide boycott of BP broadened into a Beyond Oil: Green Jobs Now movement” with “roving pickets and occasional sit-down strikes.”

He suggests that July 4, 2010 – America’s annual “Independence Day” – be used to call on the U.S. government for independence from “Big Oil, Big Coal, Big Pharma and Health Unsurance companies, the military-industrial complex, and Wall Street banking.”

And also call for jobs. Decent jobs, with living wages for regular folks like you & me.

Go to the Shalom Center site to sign the declaration on-line, and to join in this initiative.

(What are you waiting for??)


P.S. Someone at the conference came up with the suggestion that we begin calling & thinking of the corporations that have taken over the planet as an “alien invasive species.” Works for me!

P.P.S. You gotta watch Michael Moore’s film “Capitalism: A Love Story.” I mean it. It’s out on DVD. What are you waiting for? (Google it, okay? Looks like you can watch it on-line.)

P.P.P.S. Just came back to Toronto after the Washington trip. Holy smokes!! This city is being practically shut down for the G20 meetings about to take place here next week. The University of Toronto is being shut down! I’m amazed & appalled. Talk about a climate of fear! Our so-called leaders are trying to scare the locals with fear of the activists. Me, I’m far more afraid of the bigshots than I am of the activists. Sheesh…