Climate Debt (& the People's Conf. on Climate Change)

This info is from 2 recent postings on the Environmental Educators of Ontario (EEON)  list serv.

At the UN climate conference in Copenhagen in December of 2009, the notion of “climate debt” was put forth by developing countries in the south. Many are already suffering from the effects of heat, drought, melting glaciers and agricultural losses.

Avi Lewis hosts this episode of *Fault Lines: ‘The Other Debt Crisis: Climate Debt’* & takes us on a tour of Bolivia, the country that welcomed the World People's Conference on Climate Change & the Rights of Mother Earth in April 2010.  He (& they) ask the difficult question, “What does the developed world, as the major contributor of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, owe to developing countries that are suffering the early effects of climate change?”

It’s an enlightening first-hand look at the unexpected consequences of the consumer society - & of people coming together to attempt what governments have failed to do.

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