Vipers (& Volcanoes); a very short essay

<August 14/09>

If you climb into bed with a viper (a “small venomous snake,” according to my 1998 “New revised edition” of the Oxford Dictionary of Current English), you are very likely to get bitten.

The longer you stay in bed with a viper, the more times you are liable to be bitten.

This certainly isn’t rocket science, is it?


p.s. Of course, “viper” can be taken literally…or figuratively.

p.p.s. Another thought, a couple of days later: if you live on the side of a volcano (literally or figuratively speaking) but you work hard to pretend it isn’t there; if you tell yourself a complicated story about the nature of your “home,” that doesn’t mean the volcano will just go “away.” It’s still very liable to blow up & go “Boom!” one day…

p.p.p.s. I wrote this odd little essay almost a year ago now, & have kind of forgotten what motivated me to write it. Well…I guess I sort of remember. It was very personal, shall we say. Yet when I wrote it, I had a feeling it might be of some use to others. So, here it is, very belatedly…