Tar Sands: Canada’s (Oil) Shame

I am really busy right now working on an issue & not able to blog regularly. Frustrating, trust me!!

But I want to put a list here of some links folks can visit to learn more about the scandal of Canada’s tar sands.

In a previous post ‘We Are TOO (Freakin’) Polite I did touch on this issue.

There is also a post (‘Canada: Corrupt Petro State?’) in which I refer to Canadian smugness, a quality we seem to see much in evidence (yet with very little justification). There is a reference in that post to the George Monbiot column in which he calls Canada a corrupt petrostate.

I’m writing this post to share (& remind about) some links on the tar sands issue.

Most recent one that came to me (thanks, Angela!) is this one:

The Other Oil Disaster: Cancer and Canada's Tar Sands "I can't blame you if you've never heard of "Ft. Chip" - after all, there are only 1000 residents, and it's only accessible by plane or boat. But you should hear about it, because what happens there will affect all of us.  The town has been suffering for more than ten years from surprisingly high rates of cancer."

Then, please go to any of these to find YouTubes or films on the tar sands.

  • From National Geographic: here

Finally, visit this site (Dirty Oil Sands: A threat to the new energy economy) for lots of good info (incl. a tab at the top for "Funny + Wacky Stuff." Fun is always good!)

After that, please-please-please (see: I am still ever so polite!) get off your butt & DO something!!!!


P.S. Please also check out my [no longer most recent!!] post on the tar sands - to learn about Derek Leahy's tar sands actions in Europe & Canada..

'Quote for the day' w. this post: "Do we want to be remembered as the generation that saved the banks and let the biosphere collapse?" ~ George Monbiot