2 x 4’s: A Few More Thoughts…

<written August 27/09>

I wrote an essay a couple of years ago called ‘Ditching the 2 x 4’s.

Just a few quick thoughts to add on this topic…

I’ve joked that a lot of us seem to have a 2 x 4 or two up our rear, & that it seems to me it’s our life’s work to break them down & get them out

I figure I’ve shed quite a few 2 x 4’s of my own by now, at 56. A few major personal life challenges have cured me of most of any control freak-ism I used to suffer from. I’ve done (& do) lots of “letting go.” I don’t expect anyone (or the world) to follow my agenda. Heck, I can’t follow it myself; it’s always changing!?

Interestingly, the more I “let go,” the more the Universe seems to give me what I really need (if not usually exactly what I had in mind…).


The thought that came to me on this subject a day or two ago is this: some of us have 2 x 4’s up our butt – & some of us seem to be walking around with something more like a steel rod.


Can’t be very comfortable!?!?!?!? (Or very much fun…)


P.S. ‘Control Freaks Anonymous’ is another somewhat relevant essay on this topic. And 'G is for Gatekeeper.'