Radical Gratitude

<January 2007>

It’s a brand new year – 2007 – and in a few months I’ll be 54. Not a spring chicken anymore, hmmm? But I have a good life – an enviable life, even – and not because I have lots of money or a big house or am some kind of celebrity…but because I’m convinced I’m the wealthiest woman in the world. And this conviction of mine has nothing whatsoever to do with money.

I’m rich mostly because I learned a very important lesson about gratitude sometime in the past ten years or so. I learned it when my life was in the toilet, you might say (maybe we only do learn this kind of lesson under duress? I’m not sure about that…).

What I do know is that when I instituted a focused, daily active practice of gratitude – deliberately focusing on what I had in my life (not on what I lacked, or had lost) – my life (and attitude) began to change.

I don’t think my individual circumstances matter in the slightest, so I needn’t relate them here. And that is part of the miracle of it, really, right there! It doesn’t matter in the slightest who we are, what our circumstances are, what job we do, or how rich – or poor – we are.

All that is required for any of us to work our own personal miracle/transformation is to begin each day focusing on thankfulness.

In time, the positive energy grows, and it begins to occupy a larger and larger portion of our consciousness. As it grows, the negativity in us begins to shrink correspondingly.

My yoga teacher friend Penny has long said to me that “Gratitude is the first order of the Universe.” I have no idea where she picked that up, but I’m utterly convinced she’s right.

Gratitude changes us. It transforms us.

And positive energy is very contagious. It spreads – a lovely, wonderful, welcome sort of contagion.

Our world surely needs transformation, don’t you think? There is much, much work to do – much to turn around, turn on its head…change…

But focusing on the magnitude of the challenges doesn’t help. Let’s just get going – starting today – starting now.

With gratitude.

What have you got to lose?

(It won’t cost you a cent…)


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