Denial: Not just a river in Egypt...

Yes, I'm aiming for a laugh here. We environmental activists are as up for a laugh as anyone! But climate change denial is not funny - nor is the way climate scientists are being treated lately.

You can read more about that here An article entitled 'Violent backlash on against climate scientists.' (I happen to know the writer of that item, btw - Steve is an old friend of mine. He has just pointed out to me that his article has been "monkeyed" with. He wrote it up to where it states “We’re in a bizarre time, powered by greed and fear. The general public is more confused than ever,” said Weaver. “And good scientists are saying to themselves, ‘Why would I want to participate in the IPCC?’” After that, it isn't Steve's words any more. Sheesh...)

Very disturbing.

I will once again remind readers of the book Climate Cover-up: The Crusade to Deny Global Warming, by James Hoggan (with Richard Littlemore).

& a few recent posts of mine that speak to this denial issue.

Environmentalists: Change Tacticians - contains a letter to the editor I wrote back in December in response to the Ottawa Citizen's denial columnist.

& Climate Change: "Elevate the Climate Conversation" - about the Climate Response Web site that offers "facts & stats" you can make good use of.

& be sure to check out Guy Dauncey, whose recent book contains 101 climate solutions!! (It's called The Climate Challenge: 101 Solutions to Global Warming.)


'Quote for the day' w. this post: "You can be absurd and reject the science; you can be reckless and say we can adapt to whatever happens; or you can be unethical and disregard the future." ~ Former World Bank chief economist Sir Nicholas Stern,' speaking of Canadian Premier Stephen Harper’s refusal to legislate to slow climate change.