Change the World, Save $$: Buy a Clotheshorse!!

The world/humanity’s problems are scarily numerous, complex, interwoven & very darn daunting – even overwhelming – to contemplate. One hesitates to cast one’s mind’s eye 10 years down the road, so grave is the state of our environment & so scary to contemplate the coming impacts of climate change.

I’m not gonna lie to you & say you can “save the world” by buying a clotheshorse; there is so much else we all need to be doing. (Duh!!) Transforming politics, bringing in new leaders & new kinds of leaders, putting a halt to our own customary habits of inaction & apathy, becoming politically active ourselves, changing our lifestyles, etc.

BUT…with climate change such an enormous threat & challenge, ALL of our efforts to be more efficient, conserve more, use less energy & switch to renewable forms of energy can, do & will help.

And, since clothes dryers use up an incongruous & preposterous amount of energy, let’s stop relying on them!!

It’s easy to use an outdoor clothesline &/or a clotheshorse (or 2!) faithfully. I wouldn’t expect anyone to do anything I’m not prepared to do myself. I’ve been using outdoor (& indoor) clotheslines & clotheshorses for 3 decades now. Just think of the energy (& money!!) I’ve saved! Clearly, this is something that is do-able.

I wonder if most North Americans know that tons of Europeans (Asians too, as far as I can tell) do NOT use clothes dryers at all? I’m not much of a traveller (especially these days!), but I did notice when I was in Malaysia on a work-related trip that people use nifty balcony drying gizmos like crazy. I saw the same phenomenon in Spain (which is now a world leader in the use of renewable energy, btw).

Why we North Americans have developed this ridiculous notion that life without a clothes dryer is inconceivable, I will never know! Especially when millions of people around the world (tens of millions, I guess!), never give clothes dryers a thought.

Since a serious reduction in energy use will help reduce the need for new (& very energy-intensive & polluting) power plants, what are we waiting for??

Change the world; buy a clotheshorse!


-- From the ‘No Nukes News,’ Feb. 11/10.

Ontario Mandates ‘Drying For Freedom’ Ontario residents can now hang their clothes and linens outside to dry after the Premier lifted the ban on outdoor clotheslines. Previously there were restrictions in many Ontario subdivisions because clotheslines were considered unsightly. The province's new regulation will overrule neighbourhood or lease rules. Premier Dalton McGuinty said the move is aimed at curbing use of energy-sucking dryers, which burn up to six per cent of Ontario's power. This recent change is one of many in a movement pushing for less restriction in the use of clothes lines. A new documentary, ‘Drying For Freedom,’ highlights the banning of clothes lines in over 50 million homes in the United States, translating 5 billion dollars a year in electricity bills. The documentary follows the battle for the right to dry clothes asking why drying clothes became an environmental and social catastrophe and questions clotheslines being banned.

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‘Quote of the day’ w. this post: “A citizen of an advanced industrialized nation consumes in six months the energy and raw materials that have to last the citizen of a developing country his entire lifetime.” Maurice Strong

Alternate quote of the day: “I have come to believe that we must take bold and unequivocal action: we must make the rescue of the environment the central organizing principle for civilization.” Al Gore