What a Mess! It’s Great to be Alive!!

<August 2008>

The world is in such a pickle. More problems, crises & challenges than I care to enumerate or contemplate.

I have friends with cancer & a variety of health problems & the man in my life has serious heart problems.

At times I feel panicky. Often squeezed – & frequently, just plain garden-variety anxious.

But you know? Life is still very, very good.

The smell of laundry dried outside is still heavenly.

Singing still makes me feel like a million bucks! Free – strong – powerful…full of power…

Talking to friends/daughters/loved ones is STILL the best, & little kids still slay me with their innocence, adorable utterings & cute voices.

The sky is still blue-blue-blue, & being beside the Ottawa River I live near is still like having died & gone to Heaven.

Many days I feel like Sisyphus, that mythical ancient Greek dude who spent all day pushing a boulder up a mountain, only to return in the morning to find it there, needing to be pushed right back up again.

Some things just never change, hmmm?

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose, as they say, eh?

Ah well. Back into the day – & the fray – I go.

After all, what choice does one have?