Oystercatcher Chronicles

Here's a neat blog site to check out!


Anne Hansen is a painter, oystercatcher fanatic (lots about oystercatchers on her other blog site, to which you can link from the one above) & phenomenal letter writer. She writes letters on behalf of Amnesty International, & she also writes great letters to that hopeless prime minister of ours (he’s so hopeless I am not using capital letters to describe him, even), stephen harper (my darn Word program is trying hard to make me use capital letters for his name, but I am resisting fiercely!!).

Anne is also a friend of mine. As I like to point out from time to time, I sure do know how to pick my friends!!

I’m feeling a wee bit dreary of late. Reasons not important & for sure, the awful cough I have at the moment isn’t helping much.

But reading of Anne’s articulate letters to that dreary so-called leader of our beloved country (Canada, by the way) makes me feel a bit cheerier, & a bit more like taking action, & encouraging others to do so as well.

I also want to thank Anne publicly (since I forgot to do so privately) for telling me about that brilliant Yann Martel book called What is Stephen Harper Reading? I highly recommend it. Martel is very wise & witty & we should all be reading those books he’s suggested to our lame duck pm.

Go ahead & read “Oystercatcher’s commentaries on birds, bicycles, art, defense of the planet…& more.” It’s bound to leave you feeling fired up & inspired!


'Quote of the day' w. this post: "A citizen's job is to keep his mouth open." - Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop chain of stores.