Expecting the Unexpected…

<written August 18/09>

I’ve written before about the wisdom of “expecting the unexpected,” and I try, I try!

The problem with expecting the unexpected is that the things that happen are always so bloody…unexpected…that you can’t possibly prepare for them.

I’ve had a lot of unexpected things happen in the past, oh, 13 months or so.

Hmmm. I guess I’m always having unexpected things happen, aren’t I?? I’d better not even get started here, or this little essay will turn into a book

Today, these unexpected things have happened:

Turns out my brother & sister-in-law are coming a day earlier than expected and will be staying overnight, not just dropping by for half an hour, and I’m running around here like the proverbial chicken, getting ready for my imminent move (2 weeks today) – & there’s the trip to my sister’s cottage tomorrow to take them the tea wagon and needlepoint chair (& I’m DAYS behind in my packing plans…).

And a bear got into my composter last night, apparently (see the ‘Bear Bells’ essay), so I had to clean up that mess.

And someone called to say she would adopt my two 10 ½ year old cats – I sure wasn’t expecting that! – and she wanted to come right over and pick them up before I even had a chance to talk to them about it….

And I was about to go outside and the air smelled so gas-y I was afraid the neighbourhood was about to blow up (it hasn’t) and…

I wonder what will happen next??

There have been lots of rather wonderful unexpected things lately too – like the offer from a friend to have me go and live with her family (Wow!!) and the number of people who’ve told me they’re really sorry I’m leaving this town (I’d never expected when I moved here six years ago to make so many new friends!?)

Yup. All this unexpected stuff has definitely been entirely… unexpected.

Well. I wrote a wee essay a while ago (never even got it typed up) called “Stop Trying to Figure it Out” – and once again, I guess I need to try harder to follow my own good advice.

As in, stop trying to “figure it out.” It won’t be figured out. It can’t be figured out.

Expect the unexpected…

And just…let go, let it all happen, and just…be.

(Be. Here. Now.)

Yup. Very good advice indeed.