I’ve Got THAT T-shirt

<June 2008>

I’ve been trying to “save the world” ever since I was about 14 years old. I attribute this to a constellation of circumstances: personal life history (including substantial “family of origin” dysfunctionality), genes (all those feisty Scot forebears who lived in clans), & a perspective-altering trip to Barbados at the time of my 14th birthday.

My efforts, then, have been going on for approximately 41 years at this writing. As I sometimes joke, I guess my career has been pretty much a bust – look at the state of the world! I not only haven’t saved it, it seems to develop more problems by the day!?

But a friend gave me this very neat T-shirt for Christmas last year that says, “I am in the world to change the world” – & I really like that…the T-shirt, & the message. (1)

None of us can save the world – but for sure, we can all contribute to changing it.

Now, there’s a T-shirt we should all be proud to wear, hmmm?


(1)  The T-shirt comes from a very neat group – the Syracuse Cultural Workers. Check them out!! They sell the coolest stuff: T-shirts, books, posters, postcards, lawn signs, bumper stickers, cards, etc. – & they have the most wonderful daily thanksgiving accordion poster of “Greetings and thanks.” Ask them to send you one of their catalogues – I promise you, you'll be glad you did!!