Christmas Gift Idea: 'Amchitka' CD

I'm not much of Christmas person. Hate shopping, never have lotsa money to spend & shopping centres positively give me the willies. But hey!!

Here is a fabulous Christmas present idea!

A CD called 'Amchitka' - from the October 16, 1970 Vancouver, B.C. concert that launched Greenpeace.

Phil Ochs, James Taylor & Joni Mitchell. 2 CDs' worth of fabulous songs!

Give a gift of awesome music & also help raise money for Greenpeace. (Maybe you're not a Greenpeace "fan," but I doubt it! What's not to like about a group that raises awareness the way Greenpeace has been doing for 39 years??? I mean...)

So, go to the Greenpeace Canada site here Over on the right-hand side, click on 'Amchitka' - & away you go!