Canada: Corrupt Petro State?

Many of us Canadians have often felt a tad on the smug side. We think we’re so darn civilized - & for sure, we are mostly a pretty polite bunch. But the days of wearing a Canadian flag on our knapsacks may be over.

We’ve allowed our federal government – the Stephen Harper government - to do horrendous damage to the environment (& Canada's reputation) with the Alberta tar sands project.(1)

Super-articulate British writer/columnist/blogger/activist George Monbiot has referred to Canada as a ‘corrupt petrostate.’

Them’s fightin’ words.

Check out the Toronto Star item about this here

Or Monbiot’s Web site here

Canada isn’t quite the country it used to be.

What are we going to do about it??


P.S. Here’s a great phrase with which to greet Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper when he returns from Copenhagen: “Go green, or don’t come home!”

Thanks to Angela B. for this great, punchy phrase! Another phrase in current frequent use about our (very not-illustrious) PM is “climate criminal.”

(1) The blog post ‘We are too (freakin’) polite has some references near the end to the tar sands project & some YouTubes & a documentary you can watch about it. The tar sands are a horrendous stain on the planet…