Climate Change: Making it Personal

This morning's Toronto Star has an article headlined 'Making climate change personal.' A quote right above the article says "Change can happen, it must. Apartheid was broken by just such a spirit."

The article quotes 2 environmental activists who've been involved in recent acts of civil disobedience (occupying federal government cabinet ministers' offices) in Calgary & Edmonton, Alberta (Canada).

Both cite well-known heroes from the past who changed the world by being peacefully "disobedient."

I'm sure you've heard of Nelson Mandela? Rosa Parks? Mohandas Gandhi?

I expect you've also heard that the Inuit people of Canada's Arctic are on the front lines of climate change. It's no "theory" to them, & it can't be disproved. It's right in front of their faces - every single day of the week.

Until issues become "personal," it seems we are reluctant to act. Trust me, folks - climate change is personal as all get-out! It will spare none of us.

You can find the Toronto Star article here