Copenhagen: Some Links

There will be a million stories coming out of Copenhagen. Every delegate, every student, every protester, every writer will have her/his own take on what's happening there. I've been writing long enough to know that when 5 writers attend an event & tell about it afterward, you get 5 different "takes" on what happened. Kind of amazing the way that is... In any case, though, I know 2 men (fellow Canadians) who are over there - long-time activists/writers whose opinions I highly value. I'll be following what they have to say, & invite you to do so too.

Greenpeace Canada's Climate & Energy Coordinator Dave Martin's latest blog post can be found here

Steve Leahy's work (& that of his many young colleagues from Latin America) can be found here

The Toronto Star has Copenhagen pages here

There is also a young woman blogging for the Toronto Star. Her name is Jasmeet Sidhu & she's the founder of the Peel Environmental Youth Alliance (PEYA), a network of students in Peel Region (west of Toronto) working to implement environmental programs in all 220 Peel Region schools. Find her blog here