Make Me Happy

Once upon a very long time ago now, a key long-term relationship in my life came to an end. Among other things, I was told I did not make the other person happy.

I didn’t know enough then to say

“Well, um, it isn’t actually up to ME to make YOU happy; happiness is an inside job, you see”

& it wouldn’t have mattered anyway, it wouldn’t have made any difference ‘cos the truth is, we were done (completely, 100% or maybe even 300% done, as far as this other person was concerned)

& let’s face it, I had for sure made my fair share of mistakes; let’s just be totally upfront about that

But I sure do wish I had known then some of the things I’ve learned since, eh???


Today I was thinking about this, & wondering whether some people still think it’s up to somebody else to “make them happy”

& whether some poor souls have taken on as their life assignment the job of trying to make some other (particular) person happy

(& hey, I know darn well this does still happen; I know some folks like this, & for sure it doesn’t look like any too much fun, from the outside, anyway)



Today I sure made myself happy out on my walk by the lake!

My legs simply adore moving, so most days I make darn sure they do.

Yesterday (Monday the 13th) was a “shitty” day & I didn’t have a walk – so I kind of had to make up for “lost” time

& as I was walking I was thinking of a few things that make me happy/feel good

  • walking, period
  • picking up garbage alongside the Boardwalk, plastic stuff mostly (so it doesn’t wind up in the lake, in the critters)
  • counting my blessings
  • watching the sun peek out from the midst of the very dark & ominous-looking clouds over on the other side of the lake & making the lake all shimmery in that spot across the lake
  • taking a break from “devices” of all kinds – cell phones laptops the Internet
  • taking a detour to the library & leaving with an armful of books I’m dying to read
  • enjoying my solitude & silence, enjoying these both sooooo profoundly
  • making a pot of homemade soup
  • running across, by fluke, a couple of old blog postings (one here & the other here) that made me smile & feel glad I keep on writing
  • watching/listening to ‘the great bell chant’ when things just feel like too much & as though I can’t breathe
  • doing something for somebody quick
  • slowing down & doing NOTHING occasionally but maybe sitting on a bench & looking out at the lake, just sitting & breathing & gazing…
  • knowing it’s quite alright to have an occasional “shitty” day & not do very much or achieve very much or feel cheery or energetic or sociable, ‘cos you know?? We are allowed


We are!

& it makes me happy that so many “small” things make me feel happy & blessed.

And for sure for sure, I will never ever say to anyone

“You don’t make me happy.”

I make myself happy, dudes.



‘Quote of the day’ with this post: “Be joyful, though you have considered the facts.” – Wendell Berry (farmer, Christian, writer, poet, great thinker)

** whole page of great quotes & links about happiness here; do check it out!