Having It All

<May 24/15>  

I’ve been very fortunate in this life.


Feel I’ve “had it all”[1]


Not all at once, you understand

Not the way you’d order it up

Nice & neat

Like a recipe

Or a restaurant menu

Never that orderly, nossiree.


& then

a lot of it was lost.



Wandered away?

You know, whatever…


Shit really does happen :(


We make mistakes

Things go sideways

Life … happens

(we humans wield many kinds of wrecking balls)


But I’ve learned a useful lesson (or 2)


You can be grateful

For what you had

Even if it’s gone, now


Retrospective gratitude

More or less


Though it’s probably pretty darn smart

To be grateful now

For what one has right now


Right here

Right now

This very very minute


While we still have life & breath





p.s. & legs to walk with. Very very grateful for those, I am! :) :)


[1] All of it, btw, grace. All of it all of it all of it; every single atom, scrap & molecule. Grace. Gift. I guess too it should be said, my idea of “having it all” may not be the same as yours. Everything is relative…