Men who pooh-pooh, patronize, & pontificate

<Nov. 2014>  


These men


The ones who



& pontificate


at the drop of a bloody hat.


They do it soooo reflexively

Do they do it without thinking, even?

A knee-jerk reaction, perhaps?


Do men like that think women like men like that?

Merciful heavens; maybe some do!


It would not be fit for a family publication for me to say what I’d like to say to men like this.


(One of whom I unfortunately just encountered.)


So I will just very politely say


No, Sir. No thank you.


I am not listening to you today.

Not listening to you anymore, actually

Any day


Because, as it happens


I am not obliged to listen to your




& pontificating




Nosirree. Indeed, indeed I am not.



p.s. Ah. Patriarchy, hmmmm? One is so very-very-very tired of it... (see Collections posting for a list of postings about patriarchy).

p.p.s. why most men never apologize

p.p.p.s. unbelievable!! A few days after I posted this (admittedly, more than a year after I actually drafted it), I read these lines in a very lovely Anna Quindlen novel called Still Life with Bread Crumbs:

“She had imagined she would have nice long conversations with Peter after they were married, but it had turned out that marriage in the circles in New York in which they traveled consisted of men who pontificated publicly, and the women who let their faces go still while they did so. Maybe that was true everywhere. Between times, in their own living rooms, the men seemed to be resting for the next round of pontificating and so saved their strength by staying silent.” <pg. 133> OMG..... almost died laughing!!!!!!!!!! :) :)