That was Then. This is Now

<Sept. 17/15> This is a phrase that came into my mind on yesterday’s walk.

(I have a very busy mind – ‘though I do also gawk gratefully at & drink in trees & birds, waves & sky, lake & dogs, beach & squirrels, while out on my walks.)

So what was THEN?

  1. Belief that we could “sort it out” planetary/environmental crisis-wise; stubborn problems in certain relationships-wise, etc.


Now? It is what it is.

We tried! :)  (well, we sorta tried)

We’re fried!

Day at a time day at a time day at a time.


  1. People will change! Naïve hope/optimism/wish/dream/delusion


Now? Oh well. Oops. Seems people don’t change. Not quickly enough, at any rate.

Too late. Too late too late too late.


  1. Our “leaders” can be persuaded.


Now? Oops. Guess not. :(

Too late too late too late.


  1. We live in a “democracy.”


Now? It never was. Never ever ever was.


  1. Recycling, composting, reducing our personal carbon footprint: all that jazz? I could “make a difference” & change the world.


Now? Well. I still do all that stuff. (Good habits are hard to break, you know.) But I     know damn well none of that stuff can make a difference with this many people on the planet & this much deep ground-in destruction & the fierce momentum it’s all barrelling along at. It always was too late; the too-lateness goes back generations & 1000s of years. “Civilization,” eh??? As if.


  1. There are people “in charge” “looking out for us” & “minding the store.”


Now? They never were. Never ever ever ever ever, not ever. :(


  1. Plans. Made lots of ‘em. Believed in them. Expected them to come to pass. Routines, too. Thought they were great. Thought I thrived on them.


Now? Not anymore. No sir. Can’t abide them, & won’t. Don’t have to, anymore!


  1. Thought I “needed” a man.


Now? What for? Not any more.


  1. Took far too much for granted.


Now? Not any more!

(wrote this last part on a bench by the lake – blown away by the richness of life; the preciousness & privilege of it; gratitude abounds! :)  )


  1. Thought my life was all about me.


Now? Not anymore! Nosirree Bob, & you know what? It never really was.

Silly silly silly me.


Janet :)


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