Resurrected (again)

<August 10/15>  

Spirits have been low.

A lousy weekend was had

Had not felt “well” for a couple of days.

No walking.


Woke early today.

Dragggggged my sorry ass out of bed

& went for a walk.


Dropped off some books at one of the cute little lending library spots in my neighbourhood. Picked up a couple, too. :)


Enjoyed the water, the birds, clouds & sky.


Spotted a man with a canoe who looks like he might be looking for a canoeing partner. Have seen him before – paddling solo, or hauling his canoe across the beach.


Have thought “Hmmm. I should ask him if he’d like a canoeing partner on occasion.”


Should have taken the plunge & done that this morning. Dang!


(only because when I’m out in a canoe, I generally feel pretty much as though I’ve died & gone to heaven.)


The walk ended nicely, too.


Just before I got to my place, was walking along smiling & a jogger running by me gave me a lovely friendly smile. (He may have thought I was smiling at him, when in fact I was probably remembering the canoe, or the books, or the just in general lovely walk I’d just had).


It really doesn’t have to take much to get a person out of an occasional VDP (Very Deep Pit; a Winnie-the-Pooh reference) … this person, anyway!


Just a walk.


Resurrected, again!






p.s. full disclosure: I ought to add that when I first started walking this morning, there was some whining & wallowing.

Let’s face it, there is plenty of Weltschmerz & even some Janetschmerz.

Things in the world, are not, shall we say, “perfect.”

(the tiniest of understatements, hmmmm?? :(  )

Nor are things in my own wee world exactly as I would choose them to be.

Luckily, the walk resurrects me anyway. :)