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p.s. on Aug. 5 & 14 & 19/15: adding in a few more items up at the top of the list below. I tellya - the bad news is piling up so thick & fast I cannot begin to process, or share, anywhere near all of it. :(  

OK. So. This is a pretty hastily-collected smattering of items I’ve come across recently about the state of the world – our dying world.

I’m fairly long out of the closet now about believing our species doesn’t have long to go. Near-term extinction or near-term human extinction – NTE or NTHE, take your pick. Either way, I’ve made my rocky peace with it (which took years, btw; it did not happen overnight). No one’s saying I like it, okay? Please don’t feel any need to shoot the messenger.

So, I belong to a Facebook support group for people who’ve accepted the reality of NTE. This is not a group for people offering “solutions” – those of us in the group are long past buying into any of those.

The group's page is where I tend to see most of the news items about the desperate state of our species. Most of the items listed below are climate-related, though as we all know, there are plenty of other problems to keep you up at night (nukes for example: don’t even get me started!?). Heck; a positive plethora of problems! But abrupt climate change seems to be pretty much heading up the parade.

Many of us in the NTE Facebook support group have come to think of ourselves as “in hospice” now. The image makes sense to me. Hospice workers: we are all hospice workers, now. Kindness & compassion are called for. (I need to remind myself of this often; sometimes anger prevails, though usually only briefly. :) :(  Sadness & grief? Frequently.)

At the bottom of this posting, a list of suggested resources.

The news items, btw, are in no particular order. It’s a mish-mash, date-wise (or if it’s in some kind of order, this is only by fluke).

Top-most items are in date order - undated ones are not.

Make of it what you will!

[Aug. 28/15.] Awakening the Horrors of the Ancient Hothouse — Hydrogen Sulfide in the World’s Warming Oceans (this issue brand-new to me!?)

[Aug. 19/15.] See More Rocks blog latest post: partial compilation of climate news from around the world (July 2015 was very likely Earth's hottest month on record)

[Aug. 18/15.] Apocalypse Soon: 9 Terrifying Signs of Environmental Doom and Gloom

[Aug. 15/15.] Climate Change: Have We Reached the Point of No Return? (20 minute YouTube interview with Dahr Jamail & Guy McPherson) (still trying to watch this myself!? Internet impossibly slow at my place today!? :( )

[Aug. 11/15.] The Earth's Battery is Running Low

[Aug. 5/15.] The Point of No Return: Climate Change Nightmares Are Already Here (Rolling Stone magazine)

[Aug. 4/15] Earth’s Ice Is Melting Much Faster Than Forecast. Here's Why That's Worrying.

[Aug. 3/15]  Dahr Jamail | The New Climate "Normal": Abrupt Sea Level Rise and Predictions of Civilization Collapse

Mass Extinction: It’s the End of the World as We Know It

Hundreds displaced and two dead after floods, landslides in Nepal; one foot of rain in 24 hours

Climate Mayhem Update Part 1

NZ set for 'a battering' from storms

Warming of oceans due to climate change is unstoppable, say US scientists

Our time is running out - The Arctic sea ice is going! Exclusive interview with Professor Peter Wadhams, leading Arctic scientist Cambridge University - Filmed by Judy Sole, the University of Earth - www.theuniversityofearth.net



Dahr Jamail | Experts Warn of "Cataclysmic" Changes as Planetary Temperatures Rise

Climate Engineering Still Not A Viable Option

Earth Changes Summary – June 2015 collection of (June’s) extreme weather events   ((YouTube = 24 minutes))

Radical Predictions

7 Climate Records Broken in 2014 Reveal Earth Is ‘Gravely Ill’

Amid epic drought, California farmers turn to water witches

California Needs 8 Californias To Support Itself At The Rate It's Using Up The Earth


The Great Grief: How To Cope with Losing Our World

7 Things You Can Do to Stay Sane as the World Self-Destructs



  • NTE = near-term extinction; NTHE = near-term human extinction (same diff. :(  )
  • Quite a few listed here - these include Web sites & radio shows where NTE & grief are discussed
  • NTE section on this blog – hover over the heading up at top left of the blog to see the categories underneath (there are graphics, quotes, etc.)
  • Facebook support group



p.s. the denial all around us about the true state of things is stubborn & deep. I do not discuss the topic with family members, who won’t hear of it, nor with most of my friends & colleagues (ditto) - though I will say, this is changing gradually.... It also explains why the Facebook support group is such a wonderful resource for so many of us. There, we are free to speak our truth, share our feelings of sadness, frustration, anger, grief – whatever! Ahhhhh… such relief, always, when one is able to speak the truth. :) :) :)

p.p.s. a continually-updated & VERY long essay about the climate scene here, on the Nature Bats Last blog.

‘Quote of the day’ with this post: "4 Rules for Life: Show up. Pay attention. Tell the truth. Don’t be attached to the results." – Angeles Arrien, U.S. teacher, author (1940 - )

Very close runner-up: “There is not much truth being told in the world. There never was. This has proven to be a major disappointment to some of us.” – Anne Lamott in the prelude to Grace (Eventually) – Thoughts on Faith

More great quotes about truth