Quotation Find of the Week/Month/Year!!

I came across a stunner quotation recently that is so awesome, it merits a whole blog entry of its own.

Alice Miller – psychoanalyst/therapist/writer, and author of The Drama of the Gifted Child – said, “The way we were treated as small children is the way we treat ourselves the rest of our lives.”(1)


This resonated immediately – and hugely – for me.

It sure does explain a lot, doesn’t it?

It certainly helps me understand plenty about myself – & about lots of the people I know – & about … well, everything.

Worth some pondering on, I reckon, not just about ourselves & our own “story,” & our own “stuff” & heavy “baggage,” but on how we treat – & raise – our own children.

Sure wish I’d heard this articulated decades ago…


(1) I highly encourage you to visit here to learn more about this absolutely fascinating woman…  Alice Miller's own Web site is here